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Letsdointerior / https://letsdointerior.com/ - is the top creative interior designing tools, it is a lot more than a cutting edge technology platform that lets you design your home, visualize décor products and pick furniture. We aim to offer a customer oriented and practical interior design platform than the commercial marketing centered agencies of today. Lets Do Interior /https://letsdointerior.com/ is engaged in Service Providing a qualitative range of Interior Designing Services. Our range includes Drawing + Dining interior, Bedroom interior , Kitchen interior ,Bathroom interior,Residential Interior Designing Services, Interior Civil Work, Exterior Designing Services, and Commercial Interior Designing Services, etc. Our experts and skilled team of members keep an eye on all the undergoing processes to assure its quality. Moreover, we have attained immense growth and popularity in the market with our special client-centric approach. With our virtual technology platform, you can envisage everything you intend to buy for your home from furniture, wall paint, wall decor, furnishings, floorings, ceiling to home appliances. By visualizing desired items in a virtual environment similar to your home, you can only be sure that they are the best choices. For instance, you can be certain about a furniture purchase only when you place it in your room and reflect it with the existing décor of the room. Letsdointerior /https://letsdointerior.com/ is the Top interior designing tool that let users to design there dream home at one place. Whether you wish to repaint your house, furnish it or design a room from scratch we are here for you. You can do living room interior design, kitchen interior design, bedroom design , drawing room design , bathroom design and much more with letdointerior. That is not all, the tool also come integrated with a dynamic price meter presenting the approximate price of the complete design as well as individual selections. You can also save or share the designs made. Once finalized, letdointerior provides you with an option of being connected to handpicked designers to get the project executed. Compare bids and profiles to choose the best interior designer for home. Designing one's home is an emotional and financial investment- turn it to your best decision with letdointerior. Thus from now, there is no need to run around with tiny color and fabric swatches or do all the mixing-matching mentally to ensure whether the products picked are right or not. Just picture them virtually at letdointerior and the work is done. We provide you with multiple design combinations to choose from and cover every part of your home from the bedroom, living room, dining room, drawing room, bathroom to the kitchen. But our job doesn't end here, after helping you pick the right product we also allow you to share your choices with people close to you to take their opinions. When finalized, you can also buy the selected items through the connected e-shop or get it executed to the exact look through letsdointerior Design Experts; thus keeping you out from any kind of labor and sweat. Making a house a home is a financial and emotional investment - turn it into your best decision with Letsdointerior. Why us We have secured a commendable position for ourselves in this industry due to our high-quality services and cost-effectiveness. Different factors for which we have attained appreciation from patrons spread all across the nation are: Supreme quality services Ethical business policies Economical price range Adroit team of workers Client-centric approach Prompt delivery

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Design Your Room  (Living Room - Start Designing)
Design Your Room (Living Room - Start Designing) INR 0 INR 0 https://letsdointerior.com/living-room-design True 1519199044
Design your Room (BEDROOM)
Design your Room (BEDROOM) INR 0 INR 0 https://letsdointerior.com/bedroom-design True 1519199386
Drawing + Dining - Start Designing
Drawing + Dining - Start Designing INR 0 INR 0 https://letsdointerior.com/drawing-dining-room-design True 1519199930
Kitchen Interior - Start Designing
Kitchen Interior - Start Designing INR 0 INR 0 https://letsdointerior.com/kitchen-design True 1519200021
Furniture INR 0 INR 0 Before you start picking up furniture for the space, it is important that you plan it out first. To do this, you need to understand the kind of space you have at hand, your budget and frequency of people to that area. For instance, if you have kids or would be inviting guest from time to time, it is a good idea to for light weighted rustic pieces that could handle the wear. Additionally, it is a good idea to go for items that are light-weighed such that they could be moved around easily. \r\nWhen it comes to placing them, take care that they are not blocking the entryways and exits and there is enough space to walk around the area. If you have a small area and you are planning to convert it to a drawing-dining space, then it is advisable to go for less furniture as more number of items will make the space look cluttered. Similarly, using less items in a bigger area will create a distant and cold feeling in the space.\r\n True 1519200129
Ceiling INR 0 INR 0 Decorative ceilings are an important segment of home decor and add elegance to a space. Before choosing one for the drawing- dining room, ensure that you have all measurement details including the dimensions and shape of the ceiling (original) and headroom needed by you. You can measure the headroom by marking the height of the wall you need (calculating it from the floor), leaving the remaining space for the ceiling. You can do this easily with an inch tape. In case, there is a variation in the slope of the floor, use a spirit meter to mark the headroom space. True 1519200150
Wall INR 0 INR 0 With wall decor, you have endless options. From putting up paintings to wall art, hanging family portraits to little shelves with creative knick-knacks, there is so much to do. However, while choosing an artwork, ensure that it blends well with the theme of the room and does not make the space look cluttered. It is advisable to go minimalist and use only statement art pieces. False 1519200164
Flooring INR 0 INR 0 Flooring to be used, depends upon the location and area of the space. If the drawing-dining area is hooks-off to the kitchen, go for highly durable flooring like tiles or stone, which is stain, scratch, moisture and heat resistant. If the dining room is adjacent to the living room, pick any flooring blending with the overall theme of the space. True 1519200218
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